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End of wastewater

EGESTABASE/End of wastewater aspires to comprehensively map scientific evidence on the recovery of nutrients from human excreta and municipal wastewater for reuse in agriculture.

The rationale is that research in this field has intensified over the past years, making it increasingly hard to navigate and keep track of.

Oxford Energy

After seeing my work for the Nature-based Solutions Initiative I was approached by Oxford’s ONE network to produce a website for Oxford Energy that coforms to the WCAG 2.1 web accessibility guidelines. The website utilises a WordPress backend, reponsive layout and is fully accessible through assistive technologies.

Bird Traits

For this visualisation I focussed on highlighting three outlying bird species across 1000 species within 75 different families – each radial graph representing a single phenotypic trait (bill length, tail length or mass)

NbS Conference Website

Nature could be our greatest ally in the fight against climate change. The Nature-based Solutions Initiative are hosting a conference to bring together leading researchers from the social and natural sciences, engineering and economics, policymakers, civil society actors and business leaders to discuss the evidence for and potential of Nature-based Solutions. The initiative needed a clean, simple promotional website to encourage registrations and to provide clear information.

Butterfly illustration by Cécile Girardin

LDC Portal

The LDC (least developed country) portal is a concept piece designed to enable policy makers in these countries to find the evidence and support they need to combat climate change impacts with in their specific habitats.

Please see a WIP demo

NbSI Branding

I was asked by a brand new initiative at Oxford University – Nature-based Solutions Initiative – to create a complete branding and web package including a fully interactive  bibliography. Alongside this a logo, business cards, and promotional flyers were created.

Nature-based Solutions Initiative 

NbS Evidence Tool

Nature-based Solutions approached me again to develop their Nature-based Solutions Evidence Tool –  an interactive map linking nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation outcomes based on a systematic review of the peer-reviewed literature.

This ever growing dataset needed a clean and useable interface to allow policy makers to find the science they need to allow for the inclusion on nature to help fight climate change.

The interface was developed using the D3, PHP and WordPress.

Sarah Knowles Lab

I was approached by Sarah Knowles from the University of Oxford to update her lab website. She needed a simple design to showcase what her lab does and to entice new students to apply for opportunites to work there.

The Sarah Knowles Lab

Plant Lab

This was  just small pet project for a Lego competition which was to build a small floor in a surreal hotel. The concept behind this floor was a space programme orientated plant lab for developing gamma radiation resistance in plants.

Environmental Research DTP

I was approached by Oxford University to re-design and re-architect their Environmental Research Doctoral Training Partnership site. The Environmental Research DTP seeks to recruit the most promising research students, from a wide variety of backgrounds, capable of developing their own research projects in line with the interests of our broad selection of supervisors.

Their original site was based around a basic HTML framework that was neither attractive nor functioned as they desired. The new site needed to have a contemporary look and feel and allowed for easy editing by content managers. The site has a fully responsive layout catering for desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

The site was built from the ground up using WordPress as a CMS.

Point House

The design of Point House was intended to make the occupants feel encompassed by their environment and to provide a simple living space away from a congested city life. The building is set low to create a sense of placement and interaction within the hills that it sits.

Tree Snake Houses

The Tree Snake houses are single bed cabins situated in the Pedras Salgadas Eco Resort in Portugal. They were designed by Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade. Not only do I find the houses to be inspirational in their design but also the environment in which they inhabit.