Welcome to Franklyn Jones
a freelance designer.

  • Responsive Layouts

    Responsive layouts and web design

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  • Architectural Visualisation

    Photorealistic rendering using Vray & Cinema 4d

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  • Modelling & Rendering

    Combining Maya, Vray and Cinema 4d to create rich 3d imagery

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  • Motion

    Flowing animation with Cinema 4d’s MoGraph

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"Where is the infomation I want and how to do I get to it?"
Answering these questions is the basis of my approach to any project. Clean and simple whilst retaining the project's vision and indentity.

Clients have included Grazia, FHM, Motorcycle News, Oxford and Cambridge Univerities.


  • Responsive layouts for tablets and other mobile devices
  • WordPress theme and bespoke content management system development
  • HTML, CSS & jQuery
  • SEO Solutions


I've been passionate about sound for many years and recently completed an audio engineering diploma at SAE Amsterdam and a position as assistant audio engineer at the world re-knowned Galaxy Studios in Beligium.

Need a sound for particular project or needs some help stitching it all together? Let me know!


  • High definition audio editing and processing
  • Sound recording using high quality 24/96Khz recording devices and Schoeps mics
  • Bespoke sound design for video, games and the web

Graphic, Architectural Visualisation and 3D

The beauty and subtleness of effective graphic design has always fascinated me. Good design is always good for business, what the user percieves and how they interact with your brand stays with them.

My job and why I love it is to help you realise your creative vision and see it flourish.


  • Logo design
  • Brand indentity developement
  • Architectural visualisation and 3D
  • Project photography
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